NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 1 : Introductions


Me on Ravelry

Pomatomus Pattern

My disaster "on-the-go" socks

Evening Stockings

Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Panda Silk sock yarn

Man's Zip-up Jacket by Rowan

Kathmandu Aran yarn


Berocco Seduce


Leslie Wind's blog

Darcy's blog

Seduce on Ravelry

The Scarlet Skein

Retro Redux Shrug

Lace Style

Scarlet Skeiners Group

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Lynn said...

Great job!!! Looking forward to the next one. Have fun with it!

What other knitting podcasts do you like to listen to?

Only issue: Was not able to use FireFox to listen...had to "downgrade" to IE7.

Dawn said...

Awesome job! Can't wait for the next one! Can't wait for the KAL too!:) Hearing your voice makes me feel like I'm right in the store with you...my favorite store too! Miss ya! hugs

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Great podcast thankyou for mentioning the necklace.Hugs Darcy

Elizabeth Green Musselman said...

I just finished listening to your first episode, and will definitely stay subscribed. You have a lovely storytelling style, and you've done some fun things with the audio, which is especially impressive for a new podcaster. I'll look forward to hearing more!

Oh, and I also read your discouraged podcast about the rejections from Knitty. I think your Amelie sock pattern is lovely, and I definitely wouldn't see the no's from Knitty as a comment on the quality of your patterns. In fact, I recently listened to Craft Sanity's interview with Amy Singer, in which she talked about the staggering number of submissions they get now, and how much she feels she has to balance not only the quality of the patterns, but also the variety.

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

loved the first podcast! You and I have a lot in common - crocheters first; self-taught knitters; teaching others (the first class I taught was socks to teen girls!). I am sooo looking forward to getting to know you! BTW, I am sykesmom2 on Ravelry!

Katie O said...

Do you have a link that I can put in my podcast program? I don't use itunes, so I have to have the rss address to download it... is is mypodcast? (my program doesn't have a search engine for podcasts) Thanks... look forward to more!

Andrea said...

very nice, I love it! Now to catch up... I have this OCD about reading every post in every new blog I find.

Gene said...

Oh, the disaster of double pointed needles. I bought my first needle in a craft store and guess what? A pack of DPNs have only 2 needles on it. So I though it's fine since I'm just a beginner and no idea if I'm going to like knitting or not. Turns out, there should be 4-5 needles in the packs and my yarn is way bigger for needles.