Birth Announcement


It is our pleasure to announce that on July 2, 2008 at 11:13 pm a beautiful healthy baby was born to Ava's Dolly.

Weighing .3 oz, and measuring 5 inches

After a few days in the hospital, Ava's Doll is so happy to be home enjoying her new baby...

I decided to make a baby for the doll because my daughter is obsessed with playing "babies" right now. She is always walking around rocking her dolls and giving them bottles. She has been have a blast pretending with this little baby too.

To make the baby:
(I made up this pattern based on the adult size doll pattern out of the book "Knitted Babes")
Use size 2 needles and a small amount of dk weight yarn. (The book calls for a fingering weight but I found the perfect flesh color in a dk and also it knits up to a tighter firmer fabric so that no stuffing shows through.)
(Make 2)
Cast on 12 sts, purl first row. Work 19 rows total in stockinette stitch.
ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog (10 sts)
p2tog, p to last 2 sts, p2tog (8 sts)
mark first and last sts for underarm placement with safety pins.
ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog (6 sts)
purl 1 row
kfb, k to last st, kfb (8 sts)
purl 1 row
repeat last 2 rows until there are 16 sts.
work 5 rows in stockinette stitch
k2tog across row (8 sts)
purl 1 row
k2tog across row (4 sts)
bind off purlwise, leave a long tail for sewing up the doll.
(Make 2)
Cast on 3 sts, work a 3 st I-cord for 13 rows, bind off.
(Make 2)
Cast on 4 sts, work a 4 st I-cord for 15 rows, bind off.
I embroidered her face as directed in the Knitted Babes book using tiny pieces of felt. I cut the felt eyes and lips to a smaller scale to fit the baby's face.
I made the bellybutton with a french knot using the same flesh toned yarn.
I seamed the doll with a darning needle and yarn tails, carefully placing arms and legs as I went.
Dont forget to stuff your doll at the same time!!! The book recommends doll stuffing, but I used small bits of wool roving. I think that it gives it a more natural feel.
(Oh yea...Dont completely sew up the head before you stuff it, that neck is so tiny, its impossible to stuff the head through that small opening!)
I added hair as directed in the book using a crochet hook. I did it the same way you would add fringe to a scarf then clipped the hair to a desired length.
Weave in your ends!

To make the diaper:

Use fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles.
cast on 15 sts
purl first row
knit 1 row
purl 1 row
decrease row- ssk, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog (13 sts)
repeat last 2 rows once more
work only decrease row one more time (9 sts)
p2tog, p to last st, p2tog (7 sts)
knit 1 row
purl 1 row
knit 1 row
pfb, p to last st, pfb (9 sts)
increase row-kfb k to last st, kfb (11 sts)
purl 1 row
repeat last 2 rows once more (13 sts)
(to make the diaper tabs)
work increase row again and cast on 3 sts at end of row using backwards loop cast on (18 sts)
purl across row, casting on 3 sts at end of row using backwards loop cast on. (21 sts)
knit 1 row
purl 1 row
bind off knitwise.
Try the diaper on the baby, fold tabs from the back of the diaper to overlap the diaper front. Adjust to fit your baby, pin into place. Remove diaper from the doll and stitch down diaper tabs to diaper front.
Weave in ends.

To make the blanket:

Use size 3 needles and fingering weight yarn.
Cast on 45 sts
(basketweave pattern)
1- k3, p3, repeat across row
2- p3, k3, repeat across row
3- k3, p3, repeat across row
4- k3, p3, repeat across row
5- p3, k3 repeat across row
6- k3, p3, repeat across row
repeat the last 6 rows, 8 times more
cast off sts in set ribbed pattern
With a contrasting color, sc around blanket, working one sc for every stitch on the blanket bottom and top, and 2 sc for every 3 rows on the blanket sides. Work 2 sc in each corner.
Work one more complete round of sc around blanket.
Shell border: *ch1, sk 1 sc, (2 dc, ch1, 2 dc) in next sc. ch 1, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc
repeat from * around entire blanket.
Weave in ends.

The doll will now be so happy to have a fresh diaper and a warm cozy blanket.

Dolly is getting used to being a mommy and is getting a lot of practice changing diapers...

She is also sleeping when the baby sleeps....


Fresh Tea : said...

Congratulations on the new arrival! She is sweet! Great idea and pattern, thanks heaps from another small "baby obsessed" girl, who happens to have a Ruby dolly.

sweetp said...

COngratulations! She is very sweet. Well done Mama (both).

Dandy said...

Awwweee... she's adorable!!

Cathi said...

Aaaahhhh! They're multiplying! LOL! Love the little family Alana! Cute diaper! Such a smart Mama to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Celeritas said...

Aren't knitted toys great, soo much nicer than giver kids plastic stuff. One day when I have kids I'll be searching through my Google reader to find these posts so I can make them these dolls.

Dawn said...

Love it! Conrats to the new arrival! Is there a daddy?:) Then does it have pets? I'll keep ya busy!

jardinrouge said...

Congratulations...what a darling baby you have! Love those babes, and you are so clever to add to the family.

I agree about extending the family to include Dad and pets!!!

Thank you for sharing your pattern!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Awwww the baby is so darn cute!!!Hugs Darcy

Maria said...

She's gorgeous...I have a feeling my Babe will soon be a mom!!
Thanks and congrats!


very sweet! it's been a while since I've thought about my babee but with those great patterns you so generously provide, it won't be long now!

LauraKCald said...

That babys doll is really cute.
well done on another great pattern.
and you can just keep adding more and more babys.

i also agree on making pets and a dad.
you could also make a midwife or a hospital dress for the mum and clothes for the baby.

Angelina said...

CONGRATS!!!! They are both so sweet!!! and I LOVE your pictures!

I've been wanting to make the knitted babes... don't happen to have the book... but it's on my wish list!!! (has been for months now..)

Thank you for sharing this pattern!!

Onefabknitter said...

Thank you for providing my first project on here!The baby is so cute, and a perfect addition to the family:) I am a fan of the Knitted babes and can't wait to start posting my own doll designs on here..this is a fun place to be!

Unknown said...

What a sweet idea and a super pattern! I pinned it on my knitting board so more people would find your pics.


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