Gnarled Oak Cardigan

My fourth and favorite pattern from Coastal Knits is now available for purchase individually!

I absolutely love this cardigan. The cabled oak leaf motif on the yoke was inspired by one of my favorite locations, an ancient oak forest in Los Osos.

I have been so pleased with the response to this design on Ravelry.
I have enjoyed watching many gorgeous versions of this favorite cardigan pop up.

One project in particular that caught my eye was this one. I unfortunately could not get in touch with the knitter to have the permission share these photos on my blog, but I do hope you will check out this link. The sweater and photos are so pretty!

Here are some more of my favorites from Ravelry.

Knit by Sydney. (Squidneyknits on Ravelry) This version is without a buttonband, and it looks great!

Knit by Louise. (Doodlesknit on Ravelry) I love the color she chose!

Knit by Alex. (alexck on Ravelry) I always love to see my knits being worn in every day situations. :)

Knit by Jonette. (craftyjonny on Ravelry)
Knit by Mary. (dextermaine on Ravelry)

Knit by Jessica. (fascine on Ravelry)

A short sleeve version! Knit by Becky. (knittingma on Ravelry)

A tweed version! Knit by Sandy. (scass on Ravelry)

I found this next version especially sweet. This was knit by Audry (bears-ears on Ravelry) for her grandmother. I am always so flattered when knitters choose one of my designs for a gift like this. 
Her grandma looks wonderful in it!

There are so many other amazing versions of this sweater posted on Ravelry. 
Please take a look by clicking HERE.

This pattern is now available individually.

Use the coupon code "ancientforest" in the checkout process to receive 25% off the individual 
pattern today only.

This special code will expire on Friday, October 5 at 11:59PM PST.

Or you can purchase the Coastal Knits e-book or print version HERE.

Happy Knitting! :)


Suzanne said...

It's incredible to see such a lovely design worked up in so many pretty yarns.

Kristen Rettig said...

I do love this one. I don't know why I haven't knit it yet!